Operational dashboards that allow you to manage all phases of the job whatever the data acquisition system

Real-time access to all current jobs for guidance from the office and access for your clients

Historical database for all jobs to allow operational reviews to focus on improving efficiency


  • Xplorer is your real-time window into all operations and the repository of all historical field data. 
  • Xplorer provides clear, configurable dashboards for you to; 

    • Manage safe and efficient operations
    • Stay within operating limits of the equipment
    • Collaborate with the engineering team over operational decisions
    • Review job progress with oil company clients
    • Calibrate pre-job models based on actual job data
  • Xplorer includes an integrated Treatment Report to ensure all actions are captured accurately
  • Xplorer also ensures that you learn from previous jobs and apply lessons learnt in future operations by enabling you to review previous jobs and improve operating practices 

Your future effectiveness will be driven by the data you have from previous jobs so why wouldn’t you want it all available from the cloud wherever you are whenever you need it?

Jared Stennes, Site Manager, Step Energy Services, Canada

“The transition to IDEX in our operations was simple, and I'm glad we've made the switch - the software is very intuitive, customizable, easy to use and has great displays of all key data to ensure that our jobs run smoothly. It is great to work with a company who request feedback and ideas and act on them quickly! Lastly, the capabilities of this software are incredible and I look forward to our expanded use of this system to truly see its ultimate potential throughout our company.”