Real-time and post job fatigue damage applied to all strings in a quick, easy to manage interface

Comprehensive fatigue model that accurately represents all coiled tubing provided by all manufacturers

Analysis of previous jobs and modification of field effects on fatigue by location, job type or equipment used

Did you know?

The Stimline model is based on extending the research by Avakov in 1993. This model allows us to accurately tune the calculation of fatigue accrued to account for new quench and temper manufacturing techniques as well as all other standard coiled tubing grades manufactured by Tenaris, Global, Quality and Jason


  • Tracker calculates the fatigue experienced by a coiled tubing string as it is continually stressed beyond the plastic limit spooling on and off the reel and over the gooseneck. 
  • Tracker allows you to;
    • Stay within safe operating limits throughout the job
    • Maximize usable life of each coiled tubing string
    • Understand fatigue added in certain operations to minimize damage caused the string
  • Tracker also allows you to understand why some coils accrue more fatigue than others. Whether it is due to the equipment used or the location of the jobs, analysis of past string life is key to getting the most out of your most expensive consumable. Tracker helps you with this analysis and gives you an effective way to plan future jobs.
As with all modules within the IDEX Suite, Tracker is intuitive to use and quick to give you the results you need