A fully integrated, cloud-based software suite designed to improve planning and operational efficiency for all intervention and completion jobs

Engineering and Operations software for 
Service Companies and Oil Companies 

Whether you are planning interventions on your key assets or managing a fleet of units completing wells for a number of different customers, IDEX is designed to offer value from improved planning and more efficient operations. 

Hosted in the Cloud, IDEX is a new collaborative platform which enables all members of your team to have access to real-time job data, ensuring that key operational decisions are taken collectively based on the latest available information.

IDEX helps you to;

  • Create more realistic plans and track progress against the plan
  • Work in a team environment where all members add to the same plan
  • Integrate best practices and lessons learned
  • Analyse the cause of NPT events and increase efficiency

Save Time, improve Quality, and increase Safety

The IDEX Applications

Improve your planning, operations and post job reporting with the IDEX suite of collaborative tools. IDEX offers a fully integrated solution for all of your operational requirements from Planning to Engineering to Operations and Maintenance.

Ensure maximum return for all of your intervention operations by working in a more collaborative way with your chosen service providers. With automated tools to improve the planning process and real-time oversight for critical decisions during the job, IDEX for Oil Companies will put you back in control of your key assets.