Fully integrated with all operational aspects of the IDEX Suite for a seamless view of all of your assets.

Connected to key equipment in the field to show real-time diagnostics

Integrated with our new Scheduler module which allows you to create equipment spreads and schedule jobs


  • Manager ensures that you keep on top of the performance and maintenance of your key assets.
  • Making sure that the most appropriate equipment is selected for each job is an essential part of running an efficient operation. Manager allows you to;
    • Select appropriate assets for a job and assign them to that job within Scheduler
    • Track usage and plan preventative maintenance as required
    • Get real-time diagnostics from connected assets such as the IHX130 injector head
    • Manage all documentation and certificates for your assets
  • Manager also allows you to review all historical operations to build a clear picture of how each asset is performing so that potential issues can be uncovered before they cause significant downtime and loss of income