WSX 501 Modular Wireline System


The WSX 501MWS (Modular Wireline System) is designed to offer safe and efficient conveyance of slick, braided and electric wireline in an offshore environment. It meets all NORSOK technical, ergonomic, operational and safety requirements.
WSX 501MWS consists of the following main skids:
  • Operator Cabin Skid, designed to meet the most stringent ergonomic requirements. Operation of the wireline system is from the XOS operator station offering the most modern and automated user interface.
  • Power Unit Skid includes the VFD, control system and rig power interface enclosures. Cables for skid connections and supply power are coiled on the Power Unit Skid.
  • Modular Winch Skid utilizes a powerful electrical motor to drive drum(s) mounted on either the Single Drum Frame or the Double Drum Frame. Both Frames are skiddable modules that can accommodate different types of drums and wireline cables. The Frames are hydraulically skidded in and out of the Modular Winch Skid for drum change (or service / maintenance). The Modular Winch Skid comes complete with level wind, measuring heads and other components. Optional winch slewing provides improved spooling.
  • The Single Drum Frame accepts drums and cables of various sizes and makes. The Single Drum Frame are very flexible in design, and will be able to run 1/2″ Tuffline to maximum performance.
  • On the Double Drum Frame cables for slickline and braided services can be combined in several ways. All popular cable sizes can be used. With our optional lower split drum, the Double Drum Frame holds 10,000 m of each 0.160″ and 7/32″ on lower drum with 5/16″ Dyform on upper drum.
An optional Transport Container is used to safely transport Single or Double Drum Frames (with drums and wireline cables) in a protected manner. It consists of a simple offshore container into which the Drum Frames are skidded from the Modular Winch Skid and vice versa.
All skids are built into rugged offshore containers certified to DnV 2.7-1.
Stimline delivers a variety of drums with reinforced flanges and core from magnetic or non-magnetic material.
The wireline system is fully automated with Stimline’s ASX Equipment Automation technology, implementing many automated functions and safety interlocks.
The WSX 501MWS wireline system conforms to the latest revisions of NORSOK, DnV, CE, ATEX.
The wireline system is prepared for exchange of data with the optional IDEX system, which enables remote monitoring and control, based on real time decision support from skilled professionals in the organization, integration of intelligent prediction software, pre-assessment of runs as well as many other functions. It is designed to be a vital part of Stimline’s Intelligent Conveyance technology.