WTX 200 Slickline Trucks


Standard Features

  • Various line sizes available.
  • Winch skid with single high-speed drum and innovative drum change out system, or double drum winch skid for combination work. Optional low-magnetic e-line drum.
  • Innovative spooling and accurate measurement heads.
  • Hydraulic (wet kit) driven drawworks.
  • Bodies and winch skids can be built onto any suitable truck chassis.
  • High quality aluminum cab.
  • Climate controlled interior.
  • Generous storage space.

Accessory Options

  • Choice of chassis manufacturer.
  • Single Axle or Tandem Axle.
  • XOS operator stations.
  • ASX Equipment Automation system.
  • Electrically driven (VFD with PM motor) winch skid.
  • Choice of measuring system.
  • Conventional custom air bag tool racks.
  • Custom compartment configuration.
  • 8 – 30 kW hydraulic or 6 -12 kW diesel generators.
  • 5K or 10K grease injector.
  • Other options available.
The unit can be modified to operate in arctic, desert and tropical oilfield environments.
All our Wireline Trucks are fabricated to provide a long service life at minimal operational cost.