Drilling Control Cabin

High-end workplace for one or two operators

Suitable for small workover units to larger drilling units

Built on 25 years of experience delivering to high-end offshore drilling rigs


The Drilling Control Cabin provides facilities for safe and efficient control and supervision of rig equipment and the drilling operation. Using two XOS Operator Stations as basis for control, the operator gets an ergonomic and logical layout, utilizing a high automation level to enhance the quality and safety of the drilling operation.

Our DCC is designed as a comfortable surrounding with low noise and vibration, optimal line of sight and good contact with the operating areas. Internal and external is finished to the highest quality. We always design the DCC to fit the drill floor layouts and operational requirements. Our DCC’s can be mounted on a drill floor or elevated above (different design).

The following main components are normally installed in the DCC:

  • Two XOS Operator Stations
  • Customer supplied BOP Panel
  • Communications equipment
  • Safety equipment
  • Various internal cabinets, a work desk and other “convenience” items 
  • Rear Wall Panel integrating various sub panels, DCC distribution, other components. 
The DCC can be delivered with a HVAC system ensuring the internal volume can be regarded as “safe by ventilation”, meaning the DCC can be placed in a hazardous area zone II.