Fully integrated hydraulics and forces simulators for quick “what-if” analyses. Provided in partnership with BTechSoft

Great visualization of the wellbore to highlight potential problems areas for your planned job

Comprehensive BHA database and Coiled Tubing Fatigue model to enable accurate modelling of your string


  • Designer features integrated simulators for hydraulics and tubing force analysis or wireline force analysis  
  • Designer allows you to evaluate a well intervention plan to;  
    • Determine maximum reach for a given string and evaluate potential operational issues
    • Compare different designs to understand the best option for complex jobs and wells
    • Estimate the maximum set down weight and overpull whilst running-in-hole (RIH) or pulling-out-of-hole (POOH)
    • Determine minimum tractor pull or agitator requirements to reach depth
  • Designer also includes a Well Unloading option which determines the minimum pump flow rate of N2 for any given depth to lift the well
  • Designer is built to ensure that time is spent evaluating the options and risks for a job, not building the models, so it is quick and intuitive to use.

Olav Edland, Operation Manager Wireline, Norway

“With IDEX Designer our job planning has been drastically improved. We can now create models much faster so we can support all of our North Sea wireline operations more effectively than before.”