XOS Operator Station

The worlds premium operator station brings completely new dimensions to completion and intervention operations.

Forget traditional console with gauges and hydraulic levers. Step into the 21st century and take advantage of the highly graphical user interface.

XOS features incredible functions used to guide the operator down the well and back home in a safe and efficient manner.


  • With a highly graphical user interface, based on touch screens and advanced control system technology, the XOS simplify operations, display critical information in innovative formats, and implement control functions not possible with conventional user interfaces.
  • Ergonomically shaped and ruggedized control chair with joysticks and control wheels for mostly used functions. Fitted with ergonomic adjustments to obtain a comfortable seated position over a long shift.
  • Screen column with dual 24” touch screens loaded  with simple-to-use graphics purposely made for controlling and monitoring a coiled tubing operation. 
  • Simplifies operation of a coiled tubing unit - operation by two joysticks.
  • Multiple automated modes takes you safely to depths.
  • Automatic milling / drilling modes.
  • Can interface and control fluid pumpers.
  • Interlocks and warnings reduce the risk of operating outside safe limits.
  • Full trend and alarm system. 
  • All data collected and stored.
  • Full integration of multiple camera sources.
  • Monitoring, alarming, control, configuring, troubleshooting.
  • Maintenance data continuously collected.
  • Ruggedized screens and redundant computer systems configured similar to world-class offshore drilling control systems has been over the last 20 years.

ASX Coil Automation System

Make your coil system automatic with our ASX control system.

Based on components and topologies proven from more than 25 years in high-end, offshore drilling applications.

Can be retrofitted to existing coiled tubing units.


The System

  • ASX is an industrial control system, consisting of reliable and well-known components and connected to sensors and actuators / valves on the injector head, reel system, power generation and other sources onboard the coiled tubing unit.
  • The ASX system carries out all commands from the XOS operator station, checks that status from all sensors, algorithms and interlocks, and send commands to valves or relays to carry out the command.
  • The automation system can be furnished with multiple options, such as downhole integration which may control surface equipment based on downhole conditions - wellsite interfaces (data vans, fluid pumpers, fluid systems - integrated with the IDEX system, exchanging real time data, limits from modelling, job and operational data as well as much more.

Upgrade Existing Assets

Our ASX automation system can upgrade a wide variety of existing Coiled Tubing Unit’s, whether originally built by Stimline or others. This will transform the unit from individual hydraulic control to control via software, enabling an array of new operational enhancements and safety features. Coupled with our XOS Operator Stations your new wireline or coiled tubing unit will be more efficient and easier to operate than ever. On request, we will provide a quick estimate for the cost involved in converting your existing assets to automation.

Fully Integrated for Intelligent Conveyance 

The ASX system is a vital part of our Intelligent Conveyance technology. It seamlessly integrates with the IDEX system, consisting of a suite of products providing a two-way data highway between field units and the office, for central data storage and management of multiple operations, as well as distributing real time data from units to centralize decision-making, troubleshooting and run planning.