IDEX – a fully integrated suite of tools for coiled tubing service companies

The IDEX Software Suite
A Fully Integrated Solution for Coiled Tubing Service Companies

Stimline has taken a fresh look at what today’s engineering and operations teams require from the software that they use to plan and execute their jobs. The result is IDEX, a fully integrated suite of apps, designed to be collaborative and intuitive.

With our latest release of IDEX we now offer all the following applications.

Industry-proven hydraulics and tubing force models that allow you to design detailed engineering plans before the job to evaluate the risks and options to reach and work at depth
Real-time and historical data streamed to the cloud for remote visibility of the wellsite from the office to ensure key operational decisions are considered using the most recent information at hand. Xplorer also covers all of your post job analysis and reporting needs
Real-time CT fatigue modelling and full CT string management with the required reporting
Asset management and automated maintenance scheduling for all of your wellsite equipment
Job planning and dispatch that integrates with Manager and Designer
Key operational guidance to improve efficiency and reduce risk of operator error and uncertainty
Full reporting of KPI’s without having to export data to third party applications

IDEX is a SaaS (software as a service) solution designed from the start to be open and flexible to adjust as industry needs evolve. The Stimline support team is unmatched and the development team is continually working with our customers to create improved solutions to help solve their operational challenges. Evolution is happening quickly @IDEX

If, like others, it is time to move on to a new solution that shouts digitalisation, IDEX is the suite of tools that will help you drive efficiency and streamline operational effectiveness by deriving real value from digitalising your everyday work practices.

Importantly, IDEX can also run on your existing coiled tubing fleet with a fast and simple upgrade that will not require you to change out any hardware or incur additional cost.

IDEX is also available for Wireline Service Companies