After Sales

We offer full support of all software and equipment in operation.

We travel to any global location or stand by with our 24/7 On-Call support team.

We stock spare parts which are shipped on short notice.


On-Site Equipment Support
Our Service Engineers are the face of our company. Their performance and positive attitude is a high focus area for Stimline. We have a team of highly skilled Service Engineers ready to travel to any location to support our customers. We put our service engineers through rigorous in-house training to ensure that they are well prepared to provide our customers with exceptional service.

Remote Support
All our ASX-enabled equipment can benefit from our Remote Support services, where we can safely access onsite control system from our Technical Support Center.
A Remote Support system supports onsite maintenance personnel with troubleshooting, upgrades and operational support. Our Support Engineers will identify a failed part, the cause of an alarm, the reason for unexpected equipment behavior within minutes by logging on to the equipment. Remote Support is an excellent tool to avoid downtime on the equipment, avoid sending personnel to the site and securing immediate access to technical support.

Spare Parts
Original Stimline parts are stored in our warehouse in Calgary for land based equipment and in Kristiansand, Norway for offshore equipment. The parts in our warehouse will be available for our customers’ immediate needs, scheduled maintenance, repairs and overhaul.
Parts delivered by Stimline come with full technical support for installation, configuration and performance verification.  Stimline will offer a set of recommended Operational and Capital Spare parts for all our deliveries.
A low-cost part may cause extensive and unplanned downtime if it is critical to the intervention equipment performance. The set of recommended parts available on site will ensure immediate access to replacement parts to avoid excessive downtime.

Installation and Commissioning
Stimline recognizes that installation and commissioning is time and cost critical for our customers. We offer planning, budgeting and execution of installation and commissioning for our customers.
The installation and commissioning work is normally executed by a Site Manager and Service Engineers from Stimline. All equipment is installed and commissioned according to our procedures. A Commissioning Test Procedure is used to document the performance and quality of the equipment to ensure a safe and efficient start-up of operations.

Courses and Training
A well-trained crew of operators and maintenance personnel is a key element in providing safe and efficient performance of our equipment. We provide several levels of training.

Operator   Training / Maintenance Training
These courses will provide our customers   crews with detailed knowledge of our products. Safe operation, product   performance, maintenance routines, replacement of parts and troubleshooting   are key elements in these courses. Courses can be conducted in our   Kristiansand facilities or a classroom anywhere in the world.
Hands-On   Training
Our instructors will train your operators   and maintenance personnel in the safe operation of the equipment. Maintenance   personnel will perform troubleshooting, replace parts and perform maintenance   routines. The training normally takes place offshore on the platform / rig.