Automatically creates a plan for the job based on pre-job model created in IDEX Designer

Gives operator clear guidance about how to run the job and will ensure no limits are exceeded

Can run a job in full auto mode when teamed-up with XOS in a Stimline CTX Coiled Tubing Unit


  • Advisor is the next step towards enhancing the efficiency of your operations.
  • Advisor does this by; 
    • Automatically creating a job plan for operations from the modelling in Designer based on your best practices
    • Creating an easy to follow, intuitive, navigation dashboard for all stages of the job
    • Warning both operator and supervisor when parameters exceed thresholds that are set
    • Reducing dependence on key experienced individuals to ensure that every operator uses established best practices
  • Advisor X works in conjunction with the XOS operating system of a Stimline CTX Automated unit. If you add Advisor X we will be able to run many routine jobs in a fully automated mode based on the IDEX model for a job, the equipment’s operating envelope and your best practices giving you the best possible outcome every time.

IDEX Advisor

“IDEX Advisor will provide a “Sat Nav” system for well intervention operations. Recognising that technology should be able to help increase efficiency and reduce NPT, we have worked on creating a dashboard that presents an operator with all relevant information in a timely manner and an architecture that enables you to track the performance on each job versus the ideal job plan, allowing you to manage operational risk and work towards increased efficiency."