Automatically creates a plan for the job based on pre-job model created in IDEX Design

Gives operator clear guidance about how to run the job and will ensure no limits are exceeded

Can run a job in full auto mode when teamed-up with XOS in a Stimline CTX Coiled Tubing Unit


  • Advisor is the next step towards enhancing the efficiency of your operations.
  • Advisor does this by;
    • Automatically creating a job plan for operations from the modelling in Designer based on your best practices
    • Creating an easy to follow, intuitive, navigation dashboard for all stages of the job
    • Warning both operator and supervisor when parameters exceed thresholds that are set
    • Reducing dependence on key experienced individuals to ensure that every operator uses established best practices
  • Advisor Pro works in conjunction with the XOS operating system of a Stimline CTX Automated unit. If you add Advisor Pro we will be able to run many routine jobs in a fully automated mode based on the IDEX model for a job, the equipment’s operating envelope and your best practices giving you the best possible outcome every time.