Intelligent interventions


What we offer

Our vision is to transform well intervention and completion operations with innovative products and technology.

By creating an integrated digital environment from planning to execution our products will greatly increase performance and lower operational costs through continuous data-driven improvement.

Who, what & why

World-class Software

  • Our IDEX™ software suite for intervention and completion covers everything from job planning to autonomous operations.
  • It enables a completely digital work-flow between office and wellsite. All relevant data is acquired and utilized to optimize upcoming jobs.
  • The IDEX™ software is versatile and can be utilized by oil companies, service providers, and tool companies.


Innovative Conveyance Products

  • We design and build innovative conveyance products. Our automated injector heads, auto-spooling reel systems, and electric wireline winches carry multiple patents.
  • Our coil and wireline systems are driven through control systems operated from user-friendly touch screen graphics. We claim our equipment is the industry’s most easy to use.
  • Why? So we can close the loop between downhole and surface, and between planning and execution.

Huge Cost Reductions

  • Transforms data into information to improve operational efficiency and drive down cost.
  • Empowers organizations to safely and efficiently move people off-site.
  • Transforms work flows by integrating planning, collaboration, simulation, execution, optimization, integration and automation into one system – improving efficiency, decision-making, reducing human errors.

Our Value Proposition

 Plan  Collaborate Simulate Execute Optimize Integrate Automate 

Time saving

  • Improved Quality
  • Improved Integration

Reduced NPT

  • Best Practices
  • Lessons Learned

Fewer People

  • Closing the Loop
  • Downhole Integration