Intelligent Intervention For The Future

Stimline’s vision is to transform wireline & coiled tubing
operations with innovative products and technology.
We shall set new standards for efficiency, reliability, and
safety and be the first company that can offer truly
automated intelligent conveyance operations.

Industrial IT and Software

Real Time Integration

  • Stimline’s IDEX Software suite for well intervention covers everything from job planning to autonomous operations.
  • Integrated control systems, HMI, and automation solutions optimize operations.
  • Our well intervention software and technology can be utilized by oil companies, service providers, and tool companies.

Huge Cost Reductions

Enabled by our technology

  • Transforms data into information to improve operational efficiency and drive down cost.
  • Empowers organizations to safely and efficiently move people off-site.
  • Revolutionizes work flows by integrating planning, collaboration, simulation, execution, optimization, integration and automation into one system – improving efficiency, decision-making, reducing human errors.

Technology Integration

Take well intervention
to new levels

  • Combines company expertise and automated well site equipment into an integrated system.
  • Enables autonomous conveyance by closing the loop between downhole data, pre-planned and simulated conveyance, with automated conveyance equipment on well site.
  • Closes The Loop. Integrates surface intervention equipment, downhole tools and company expertise through software and industrial IT.

Our Value Proposition

From Planning Software To Autonomous Execution

  • Plan
  • Collaborate

Time Saving

  • Improved Quality
  • Improved Integration
  • Simulate
  • Execute

Less Failures

  • Best Practices
  • Lessons Learned
  • Optimize
  • Integrate
  • Automate

Less People

  • Closing The Loop
  • Downhole Integration