IDEX RD – the new Service Company solution

Well intervention planning, simulation, and follow-up made easy. Set up BHAs, create contingencies, and make sure the job can be executed safely and efficiently. Built-in collaboration makes this much more than a planning tool. No more endless email trails, problems finding the right information, or locating the data from previous jobs.

IDEX RD – the new Service Company solution

Designed for Planning and Optimizing Coiled Tubing and Wireline Jobs

IDEX RD integrates all planning and follow-up activities for wireline and coiled tubing jobs into a single web-based application with a modern user interface and great user experience.


  • Avoid costly mistakes through more accurate planning and pre-job analysis.
  • Increased efficiency and safety by modeling the mechanical and hydraulic forces to ensure target depth can be reached, the job performed, and the tools can be returned to surface using the chosen conveyance method.
  • Reduced cost of ownership with an integrated software solution offered as a service.

BHA Editor For Accurate Planning

Imagine a way to design and track the BHAs you set up for all your intervention jobs using only  your browser,  with all the tools available to you in an easy-to-maintain list.  All you need to do to create the BHAs for your runs is to drag and drop the tools you need into the BHA schematic.  Run Designer will warn you and suggest how to eliminate issues such as top and bottom connector mismatches, tool shoulders, telemetry incompatibilities, and so.

The tools in the tool list are built up based on information and 3D models available directly from tool companies.  The list can also be populated directly from you company’s ERP system, thus always keeping the list 100% up-to-date with with respect to logistics and maintenance records.

Built-in Collaboration

IDEX Run Designer has built-in collaboration functionality that enables users at any location to share plans, get feedback from stakeholders, and have colleagues and partners contribute to the plan to ensure the best possible solution.

Our users want to avoid emailing documents back and forth, losing track of revisions, and updating plans in spreadsheets and document based on feedback received on mail or the phone.  Instead, all stakeholders use IDEX Run Designer to exchange all the necessary information about a job, thus bridging the gap between all personnel in the office and the crew offshore.

Wellbore Schematic Editor

In order to properly plan a case tubing or wireline job, details about the wellbore are required.  With the Wellbore Schematic Editor you can enter and maintain holes, casing, tubing, wellbore jewelry, restrictions, directional survey, risk data, and more.  If you already have software for this, no problem.  IDEX Run Designer can link to the required data in, for example, Compass, and there is no need to maintain the data in two places.  One of the key features of IDEX Run Designer is that important findings and experiences from previous jobs, eg. friction factors, are stored and maintained in such a way that they are readily available to you when planning subsequent jobs.  Utilizing important findings and experiences from past jobs is a key feature of IDEX Run Designer.


You can get even more power out of IDEX Run Designer by adding IDEX Optmizer to get integrated, ultra-fast and proven engineering models for forces and stresses, hydraulics, and pipe fatigue. With IDEX 3D Navigator you get a user-friendly 3D environment designed to visualize the entire  well.  Everything is shown in scale and all information is presented in a way that makes sense to users.  When hooked up to real-time data it is more a 4D tool and a 3D tool.