IDEX Optimizer

Perform all the necessary simulations and checks prior to the job. Improves performance by using actual data and modeled data. Lessons learned in previous runs are applied to future runs. IDEX Optimizer comes with built-in proven models for forces and stresses, hydraulics, and pipe fatigue. With real-time data from the field even more accurate predictions can be provided during the run.


IDEX Optimizer

IDEX Optimizer – Powered by MEDCO

IDEX Optimizer consists of several modules that can be utilized depending on job characteristics and conveyance method.  The initial set of proven models have been integrated in IDEX Run Designer in cooperation with MEDCO, Modelling Engineering & Development Company, Ltd.  IDEX Optimizer is built on an open architecture that enables engineering from 3rd parties to be added and licensed separately.


  • Cost savings through reduced failures at well site
  • Cost savings through increased pipe utilization
  • Optimized cable and BHI design
  • Quick and accurate assessment of contingencies
  • Open architecture – plug in the best engineering models available

SaaS – Software as a Service

All our software is provided as a hassle free service, but in this case we want to specifically point out that everything in IDEX Optimizer is also available to you without any downloads, no hardware dongles, no software keys or complicated license schemes.  You can also run everything on a laptop using an offline license without being connected to Internet.  This is useful for well sites without an Internet connection.  All licenses are managed on-line, and it is easy for you and your company to get an overview of licenses in use, checked out for the well site, etc.

IDEX Optimizer F&S – Forces & Stresses

IDEX Optimizer FS performs various calculations and simulations often needed in wireline and tubular applications. It is used as a coiled tubing job simulator, for designing velocity strings, drill pipe applications, under-balanced drilling, coiled tubing drilling, cementing, and wireline simulations.

The computations in IDEX Optimizer FS include the effects of weight, friction, buoyancy, wellhead pressure, pressure drop through downhole tools, dogleg severity, and extra friction (in buckling modes, i.e. sinusoidal and helical).

Three stress components are computed: hoop, radial and axial stress (includes bending stress due to dog-legs and when in buckling mode). Von Mises relationship is used to compute Tri-Axial Stress.

The module will automatically detect critical conditions such as lockup and severe dog-legs. Several options are available for simulating different scenarios such as applying weight-on-bit, bottom-hole pull, changing well conditions to account for fluid circulation effects, predicting maximum pull, and predicting maximum push to lockup.

IDEX Optimizer FC – Fluid Circulation

The Fluid Circulation module consists of two models, one for single phase flows and the other for multi-phase.

Single Phase Model:

  • Any one of three models may be used to describe the rheological behaviour of liquids as Newtonian, Power-Law or Bingham Plastic.
  • The single phase fluids can be compressible as in the case of gas.
  • Foam is treated as a single phase Bingham Plastic fluid where the rheological properties are a function of the foam quality and the shear rate. Foam is a compressible fluid.

Multi-Phase Model:

  • Computations are based on the Duns and Ros, Beggs and Brill, or Hagedorn and Brown algorithms. The user has a choice of selecting the preferred method of computation.
  • Velocity string designs
  • Sand/cuttings clean-out
  • Gas lift mandrels
  • Sensitivity analysis

IDEX Optimizer PF – Pipe Fatigue

IDEX Optimizer PF is a management tool for maximizing the the safe use of coiled tubing strings. The fatigue analysis tracks life consumption of individual coiled tubing strings and parts of the strings subject to jobs carried out in wells or in the yard, and showing life consumption per job.  In addition, you get the option of finding the maximum number of cycles to fatigue failure, with or without internal pressure and subject to a user specified geometry of the goose-neck and the reel.

In all the computations of this module, corrosion factors (due to acid, cement, etc.) and stress concentration factors (due to welds) are taken into account.

There are two modes of operation.  The first mode is Stand-Alone, in which data is entered manually.  The second mode is integrated real-time data in which real-time data is provided by IDEX Core, producing up-to-date status of the pipe as well as the real-time tri-axial stresses. At any time, the user can view the current status of the coiled tubing or can review the history of the string.

A database of the most common coiled tubing sizes and materials currently produced by the manufacturers is included. In addition, a database of most common corrosion factors and stress concentrations due to welds are also included. The user is also able to add new records to the supplied databases.