This is the software that ties it all together. It collects, stores, and forwards the data used by all our software. It links well sites with your data centers and ensures data is delivered to your devices securely and reliably. With a non-intrusive low footprint data aggregator installed at site, IDEX Core provides you with a standard real-time view of information from all your units in the field. Actually, IDEX Core is more than a simple data link between your well site and office. It enables the creation of a single, integrated infrastructure for an organization and ensures that all well intervention knowledge is captured and utilized efficiently.



Invaluable Information When You Need It

Whether you are upgrading your existing fleet or launching new units, IDEX Core lets you
establish a sophisticated, fully-distributed, integrated environment to support coiled tubing and wireline operations.  Our IDEX Core software is a data aggregation system that acquires data from any data source at the well site and makes it available in real-time to authorized users with an Internet/intranet connection.  Data from multiple sources is combined into a friendly and intuitive web front-end that allows geographically dispersed teams to make important decisions by having access to the same real-time data, trends, KPIs, and historical information.

IDEX Core connects directly to all Stimline surface equipment and makes data seamlessly available to you when you need it, no matter where you are.  It ingests data from a wide variety of 3rd party service company and tool company systems using IDEX Connect.

Data is made available for consumption on a variety of formats including OPC and WITSML.  This enables seamless and secure dataflow from IDEX Core into enterprise systems for tracking maintenance and logistics data, for example.


  • Improved safety and efficiency of operations
  • Optimal running of BHAs
  • Enhanced collaboration between office personnel and offshore crew

Well site Data Starts with IDEX Core

As the name suggest, this product is at the core of all data acquisition, transfer, and long-term storage capabilities utilized by our other software products, including IDEX Xplorer and IDEX Run Designer.

IDEX Core can be provided to you as a service, securely hosted by a Stimline hosting partner or hosted on-premise in case you prefer that your data does not leave your company walls.