IDEX Connect

IDEX Connect lets you combine data from any source at the well site. Plug-ins especially developed to connect to different service company and tool company data sources and make it available for all the other products in the IDEX Software Suite.


IDEX Connect

So… What Is IDEX Connect?

The IDEX Core infrastructure is designed to ensure that all data from the well site is made available to you no matter where you are.  It is also designed to ensure that information and plans that are created from the office makes its way to the crew offshore.

But, what about all the data from different tool vendors and service companies?  How does that data find its way into IDEX Core?  This is what IDEX Connect is for.  It is a piece of software that makes the connection to the different data sources at the well site, and transforms that information into the IDEX standard without any loss of data or precision.  It is an extensible system in that separate plug-ins are developed for the different acquisition systems, protocols, and data formats.  All of the data from the different sources can then be viewed in IDEX Xplorer and used for KPI dashboards, decision support, and optimising and automating well site operations.

The Automation Enabler

IDEX Connect is more than a set of plug-ins that enable one-way data flow.  For our partners and customers, it opens up new possibilities for significant efficiency gains by providing a secure and reliable interface to control a Stimline-enabled wireline or coiled tubing winches.  It provides all the data necessary for tool companies to automate and optimize conveyance operations while the operator in the chair can take back control any time, if needed.