IDEX 3D Navigator

Finally: easy-to-use 3D visualization software that shows what is going on in the well. IDEX 3D Navigator is used in all phases of the job: from planning and simulation through execution and lessons learned.

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IDEX 3D Navigator

IDEX 3D Navigator is 3D Visualization Made Easy

IDEX 3D Navigator replaces spreadsheets and static drawings with an up-to-date 3D interactive environment that gives you a virtual first-hand look of what is going on in the wellbore.  All details about the wellbore, restrictions, wellbore jewelry, and of course cable and BHA are modelled at scale.  Lessons learned, depths of interest, risks, comments, and alerts about upcoming critical sections are also shown.

IDEX 3D Navigator comes with numerous camera presets, and you can of course create your own. This makes navigation easy and ensures that you can focus on what is important.


  • Optimized planning and monitoring of operations will lead to reduced failures at well site
  • Better decisions by all stakeholder working in a collaborative environment
  • Optimized operations though availability of real-time data versus planned data and solid contingency plans

From 3D to 4D By Adding The Time Element

Time is a crucial element in the life of a well and for following up operations.  IDEX It will not only show critical output of IDEX Optimizer during the planning stage of a job, but also real-time data acquired by IDEX Core during operations.  IDEX 3D Navigator lets you see how key wellbore parameters develop over time, and you can plot any acquired data from the field against planned or modelled data in real-time along the wellbore.