Service and Support

Stimline offers full support of all software and equipment in operation, either by traveling to the location or by our 24/7 On-Call support team.

Service and Support

On-Site Equipment Support

Our Service Engineers are the face of our company. Their performance and positive attitude are a high focus area for Stimline. We have a team of highly skilled Service Engineers ready to travel to any location to support our customers.

We put our service engineers through rigorous in-house training to ensure that they are well prepared to provide our customers with exceptional service.

Remote Support

All our ASX enabled wireline or coiled tubing units can benefit from service agreements that include Remote Support. Through the Remote Support system Stimline can access all PLCs and computers from our Technical Support Center. 

The Remote Support System will support maintenance personnel on the rig with troubleshooting, upgrades and operational support. Our Support Engineers will identify a failed part, the cause of an alarm, the reason for unexpected equipment behavior within minutes by logging on to the equipment through our Remote Support System. 

The Remote Support System is an excellent tool to avoid downtime on the equipment, avoid sending personnel to the site and securing immediate access to technical support.