Courses and Training

A well-trained crew of operators and maintenance personnel is a key elements in providing safe and efficient performance of our equipment. Stimline provides a full range of training courses.

Courses and Training

Operator Training / Maintenance Training

These courses will provide our customers crews with detailed knowledge of our products. Safe operation, product performance, maintenance routines, replacement of parts and troubleshooting are key elements in these courses.

Courses can be conducted in our Kristiansand facilities or a classroom anywhere in the world.

Hands-On Training

Our instructors will train your operators and maintenance personnel in the safe operation of the equipment. Maintenance personnel will perform troubleshooting, replace parts and perform maintenance routines. The training normally takes place offshore on the platform / rig.

Simulator Training

Stimline offers simulator training for our wireline and coil tubing equipment. The operators will familiarize themselves with the operator screens, learn to configure the equipment, optimize their efficiency and practice safe operations.