Winch Skids

“Designed for automation” is our guiding star in all product development, ensuring that our winch skids are ready to operate with higher precision, higher performance, less failures and downtime than competing products. In fact, in our quest to design products for Intelligent Conveyance we have enabled our winch skids to carry out well operations never before possible.

Winch Skids

Wireline Operations Of Tomorrow

Our winch skids are designed to provide efficient and safe conveyance in the most demanding wireline operations.

  • Single, double or triple drum winch skids
  • Slick or e-line – different wire sizes and drum capacities
  • Hydraulic or electric drive systems
  • Most models available with enclosed brakes
  • Non-magnetic e-line drums to reduce downhole telemetry distortion
  • Can be accompanied by “T-type” or “A-frame” level winds

Designed for Automation

Our winch skids are normally controlled by the ASX Automation Systems, to ensure that all operations are safe, efficient and simple to use. You will also get automated functions at you fingertips not possible with conventional wireline units.

Choice of Drive Systems

We deliver winch skids for either direct or chain driven drums, suitable in performance, size and weight from truck mounting to offshore North Sea skid mounting. To drive the drums, our winch skids may be driven by hydraulic or electric power.

  • Conventional hydraulic winch drive systems, in a variable displacement pump – motor combination
  • Fully electric winch drive systems with , with a compact VFD driving the electric motors. You may even save fuel (and the environment) by adding a battery that is charged on the way down – to be drawn when coming out of the well.

Primary power for both types of drive systems may by rig power, separate diesel engine power, or PTO power.