Wellsite Control & Monitoring

Vital to safe wellsite operations is an optimized user interface. Forget traditional console with gauges and hydraulic levers. Step into the 21st century and take advantage of the highly graphical user interface, where information from the equipment, the well, the support organization is nicely composed, very intuitive to use, and includes incredible new functions used to guide the operator down the well and back home in a safe and efficient manner.

Wellsite Control & Monitoring

XOS – The Worlds Premium Operator Station For Well Intervention

Stimline’s XOS Operator Stations brings a completely new control and monitoring capabilities to wireline and coiled tubing units. With a highly graphical user interface, based on touch screens and advanced control system technology, our consoles and chairs simplify operations, display critical information in innovative formats, and implement control functions not possible with conventional user interfaces.

Best Seat In Town

The huge front console provides space for dual touch screens, while the ergonomic and comfortable chair has joysticks and other components. The chair is fitted with all ergonomic adjustments to obtain a comfortable seated position over a long shift.

Guiding The Operator

XOS for a Wireline or Coiled Tubing unit features automated functions, safety interlocks, advanced limits, guided troubleshooting, alarms etc.

  • User friendly HMI developed for well intervention
  • Simplified control surface
  • Automated pre-set operations
  • Avoiding operational errors by controlling speed along the well path
  • Alarm list and troubleshooting assistance
  • Tailored screens capable of integrating downhole tools, tractors, pressure control equipment etc.
  • Integrated CCTV option
  • Enables classroom training using an identical XOS-1 loaded with simulation software.

 IDEX Integrated

If you choose a XOS station in your coiled tubing or wireline unit, you also get the benefit of adding Stimline’s Intelligent Conveyance technology – now or later.

Different Versions For Different Applications

Available in various screen configurations. XOS-2 has a two vertical screens, perfect for wireline or small cabins, while XOS-3 has triple screens, often preferred for coiled tubing operations.