Equipment Automation

Base your next wireline or coiled tubing unit on our ASX equipment automation system. You will get performance, safety and functionality you never though possible. We use ASX to build new equipment, but we also upgrade existing assets to perform like new. When you think about refurbishing a unit think ASX. We will make sure it will operate with all our intervention software, getting access to the unique Intelligent Conveyance functions that are available today and planned for the future.

Equipment Automation

Take Your Operations To New Levels

Our ASX Equipment Automation products have the potential not only to add automation, safety and efficiency to your operations, but also competitiveness to your well intervention service company.

The ASX system from Stimline provides you with the following features:

  • Monitoring and control of all relevant signals.
  • Seamless integration with XOS operator stations.
  • Built from highest-quality automation components ensuring maximum uptime and reliability.
  • Maintains a high level of safety for all operations.
  • Enables implementation of automated well operations.
  • Enables supervisor set interlocks for safer operation.
  • ASX simplifies the unit compared with traditional direct hydraulic controls (less hoses and hydraulics).

Upgrade Existing Assets

Our ASX automation system can be installed in every Wireline and Coiled Tubing unit fabricated by Stimline. Furthermore, most existing wireline and coiled tubing units can be upgraded to enjoy the benefits of the ASX system.

This will transform the unit from direct control to control via software, enabling an array of new operational enhancements and safety features. Coupled with our XOS Operator Stations your new wireline or coiled tubing unit will be more efficient and easier to operate than ever.

On request, Stimline will provide an quick estimate for the cost involved in turning your existing wireline or coiled tubing unit into operations of tomorrow.

Fully Integrated for Intelligent Conveyance

Stimline’s ASX system is a vital part of Stimline’s Intelligent Conveyance technology. It seamlessly integrates with the IDEX system, consisting of a suite of products providing  a two-way data highway between field units and the office, for central data storage and management of multiple operations, as well as distributing real time data from units to centralize decision-making, troubleshooting and run planning.