Automation Upgrades

Your existing wireline and coiled tubing units may get new blood by giving it an Automation Upgrade. Our main ingredients are the XOS operator station and the ASX control system, but we may also bring in upgrade or replacement of your old injector head or winch skid. We can also shine up other parts of your equipment so it stands out like new. We have done it before, and we will do it again.

Automation Upgrades

Upgrade An Existing Unit

Stimline provide upgrade of existing wireline or coiled tubing equipment through our “Automation Upgrade” packages. This way you will enable your unit to take advantage of automation, providing you with better performance, less operator errors, easier to use.

Base Ingredients

We will do the following:

  • Remove the old console and install a XOS Operator Station in your cabin.
  • Install the ASX Equipment Automation cabinet, containing components to control and monitor all defined functions of your unit.
  • Install the Sensor and Actuator Kit, replacing existing hydraulic or electrical components not suitable for automation. If components can be reused, we will do so.
  • Install cables, sensors and actuators onto your unit.
  • Finally test all functions to make sure the unit works as promised.

Optional Ingredients

  • If you want you Coiled Tubing Unit to get more power to reach deeper, faster – check out if our new Injector Head will fit. We can do all the structural and hydraulic modifications needed.
  • If you have a Wireline Unit needing an upgrade – see if our Winch Skids may be a suitable new partner.

Both are designed for automation, and will fit the Automation Upgrade package perfectly.

Contact Stimline today to see if an Automation Upgrade is something for you.