Integration & Automated Conveyance Operations

Stimline's integration components enable wireline and coiled tubing conveyance to be executed in the most efficient and safe manner. Together these components form the next generation of fully automated intelligent conveyance operations.

Wellsite Control & Monitoring

Vital to safe wellsite operations is an optimized user interface. Forget traditional console with gauges and hydraulic levers. Step into the 21st century and take advantage of the highly graphical user interface, where information from the equipment, the well, the support organization is nicely composed, very intuitive to use, and includes incredible new functions used to guide the operator down the well and back home in a safe and efficient manner.

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Equipment Automation

Base your next wireline or coiled tubing unit on our ASX equipment automation system. You will get performance, safety and functionality you never though possible. We use ASX to build new equipment, but we also upgrade existing assets to perform like new. When you think about refurbishing a unit think ASX. We will make sure it will operate with all our intervention software, getting access to the unique Intelligent Conveyance functions that are available today and planned for the future.

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Winch Skids

“Designed for automation” is our guiding star in all product development, ensuring that our winch skids are ready to operate with higher precision, higher performance, less failures and downtime than competing products. In fact, in our quest to design products for Intelligent Conveyance we have enabled our winch skids to carry out well operations never before possible.

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Injector Heads

This innovative Injector Head summarizes all of Stimline’s knowledge in injector head design, based on a combination of employees with years of operational experience, in-depth knowledge about current injector head designs, and carried out by a multi-discipline team of highly qualified and inspired engineers.

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Automation Upgrades

Your existing wireline and coiled tubing units may get new blood by giving it an Automation Upgrade. Our main ingredients are the XOS operator station and the ASX control system, but we may also bring in upgrade or replacement of your old injector head or winch skid. We can also shine up other parts of your equipment so it stands out like new. We have done it before, and we will do it again.

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