IMX 901 Intervention Masts

The IMX 901 Wireline Mast is designed to offer safe and efficient lifting of BOP’s, lubricators and tool strings used in wireline operations in an offshore environment. It meets all NORSOK technical, ergonomic, operational, safety and other requirements.

IMX 901 Intervention Masts

Standard Features

The IMX 901 consists of the following elements:

  • The Mast Base where the winches, outriggers, hydraulic power unit and telescopic mast is mounted.
  • A Telescopic Mast with 4 sections telescoping to full height using a single hydraulic cylinder. Using an extension piece the mast will reach 90 ft operating height. The top of the mast contains a horsehead with sheaves.
  • Three winches with an SWL of 5 mT, 3.6 mT and 2 mT respectively and an additional manrider winch where pull is restricted to 150 kg.
  • A Hydraulic Power Unit, providing hydraulic power to all mast consumers.
  • Control system providing control of the mast and winch functions, with interlocks and alarms for sage operation.

Accessory Options

  • Mast Extension Piece
  • Ex-certified wireless operator panel for remote control.
  • Combined control of IMX 901 and Wireline System from XOS operator chair inside operator cabin.
  • Tubular / BHA handling system for increased safety and efficiency.