Tubing Reels

Stimline provides coiled tubing reels ranging from smaller diameter conventional reels to very high capacity reels. Our reels are built to exact standards based on innovative engineering and optimized structural analysis, ensuring a rugged design and long service life.

Tubing Reels

Our reels are designed to fit existing reel trailers:

  • Drive tooth wheel sized to fit chain driven reel drive systems.
  • Hydraulic high torque motor fitting the reel trailer hydyraulic supply system.

Tubing reels are built to Customer specifications with regards to piping type,pump pressures and piping specification. Our engineering team will work with You to custom-build a reel to suit all your requirements.

Accessories as Reel Stands, Reel Lift Beams, Change Out Systems are available.

Our Reel offering includes the following standard types:






We will tailor each Reel to your needs. Contact Stimline today to discuss how we can build Tubing Reels to serve your operations.