IHX-125 Injector Head

This innovative Injector Head summarizes all of Stimline’s knowledge in injector head design, based on a combination of employees with years of operational experience, in-depth knowledge about current injector head designs, and carried out by a multi-discipline team of highly qualified and inspired engineers.

IHX-125 Injector Head

Main Data

  • 125,000 lb pull / 62,500 lb push – continuous; 0-60 m/min
  • 1-1/2in to 3-1/2in range tubing diameter
  • High motor capacity can get you faster in and out of the well
  • Double capacity chain with long lifetime and through-pin connect-to-skate block design (patent pending)
  • Heavy-duty chain rollers greased for life
  • The skate is a one plate design, reversible, with optimized shape for reduced loads on tubing and rollers
  • Can be delivered fully automated. Traction forces, chain tension automatically adjusted by control system. Slip detection. Active run-away avoidance. Other interlocks / safety features. Operated by a single joystick
  • «Floating» tubing traction system with optimized rotation center reduce tubing traction forces (patent pending)
  • Integrated tubing suspension system in skate blocks (patent pending)
  • Tubing tolerant (flexible) gripper block design (patent pending)
  • Optimized one-piece skate shape for optimal load distribution


Our ASX Automation System controls and monitors all functions on the injector head. A single joystick operates the injector head and the ASX controls all settings​for the operator. Pump displacement, motor displacement, skate pressure and chain tension is automatically set. Interlocks and safety functions are integrated to ensure that the injector head always operate within correct parameters. Several functions to safeguard and extend tubing life as well as conveyance functionality only possible with automation.

Traction System

Rollers on chain principle – superior to fixed skate or inner chain designs. Super-duty purpose designed chain. High capacity roller. Life-lasting chain-block suspension system for lower tubing stress and longer roller lifetime.

Floating Drive

Lower global bending stress on tubing. Improved weight readings. Centralizing drive centerline.

Drive System

Simplified hydraulic circuits due to PLC control system. Hydraulic components from reputable and international suppliers.

Maintenance Advantages

Reduced maintenance due to:

  • Less number of parts
  • A chain roller force distribution system
  • Greased for life chain roller needle bearings with long lifetime
  • Larger chain size (stronger double capacity chains)
  • No synchronizing gears
  • Centralized grease point
  • Reversible skate
  • Load pins are field-replaceable
  • Control system records key maintenance data with high resolution. Optional remote maintenance reporting
  • Automatic chain grease controlled by control system

Engineered to North Sea standards – Built In Canada

  • Taking advantage of current component technology
  • Engineered in accordance with common practice for North Sea drilling operations and DnV requirements
  • Full structural analysis
  • Full fatigue analysis and advanced component lifetime analysis
  • Fully certified go-anywhere design (offshore and land)

Injector Upgrade

Our injector head may be the perfect companion for upgrades. Contact Stimline today to discuss how the IHX-125 can be integrated into your next coiled tubing project.

Guide Arch

Guide Arch from 96″ to 144″ available.