CTX 620 Deep Coiled Tubing Unit

Our CTX 620 DeepCoil™ Coiled Tubing Units are designed for the deepest and most difficult wells. With the High Capacity Reel Trailer more tubing can be brought to the site, while a better operation is performed from the Control Center Unit. The Injector Head is the perfect conveyance partner. Once connected, they act as one. Fully automated, of course.

CTX 620 Deep Coiled Tubing Unit

Reel Trailer

  • High capacity Reel Trailer can accommodate up to 6200 meter of 2-7/8, or 7,800 meter of 2-5/8.
  • Trailer equipped with jeep and booster for maximum tubing storage capacity.
  • Reel designed for safe storage of tubing from 1-3/4” to 2-7/8”.
  • Height-adjustable reel option for un-level leases.
  • Control system ensures automatic spooling through Level Wind and tensioner through “active tubing management” system.
  • Chain or direct Reel Drive system.
  • Injector Tilt Frame
  • High pressure piping with remotely controlled valves.
  • Local hydraulic system to supply hydraulic power for jacks, injector tilt, reel motor, level wind and optional reel tensioner.

Control Center Unit

  • Spacious Control Center Unit (CCU) cabin comfortably seats the operator and support personnel, designed for excellent overview of the wellsite operation through large windows.
  • All major functions of the entire CCU is controlled and monitored from the XOS operator chair.
  • ASX Equipment Automation system connects Reel Trailer, Control Center and Injector Head by fiber optic cables.
  • Integrated well control systems conforming to IRP 21-2010 or API 16D.
  • Hydraulic system driven by separate diesel engine (Tier 4 final), providing power to Injector Head, well control and auxiliary functions.
  • Separate diesel for local AC supply, complete with shore power connection.

Injector Head

Full Automation

The CTX 620 DeepCoil™ Unit is equipped with ASX Equipment Automation and XOS Operator Chair to control and monitor the entire coiled tubing system.

It is prepared for exchange of data with the optional IDEX system, which enables remote monitoring and control, based on real time decision support from skilled people in the organization, integration of intelligent prediction software, pre-assessment of runs as well as 3rd party software.

Accessory Options

CTX 620 DeepCoil™ can be delivered with the following options:

  • A variety of reel types and reel sizes.
  • Single or dual 110/230VAC generator.
  • Land utility power.
  • Long list of semi / fully automatic conveyance functions that can be implemented in the XOS/ASX control system.
  • Long list of operator safety functions that can be implemented in the XOS/ASX control system.
  • Integrated BOP / Pressure Control Equipment controls / functions
  • Communication system (many options available – from cell to satellite).
  • Low temp kit (makes the unit operational to -37 dC).
  • High temp kit (makes the unit operational to +55 dC).
  • Rig Safe or ATEX approved Zone II version.

Please consult Stimline if there are options / functions that you would like to discuss.