CTX 612 Masted Coiled Tubing Unit

Our CTX 612 Masted Coiled Tubing Units are fabricated to provide a long service life at minimal operational cost. It is designed to offer safe and efficient conveyance of coil tubing in a variety of operations, and meets the highest technical, ergonomical, operational and safety standards. The mast design eliminates the need for an additional crane to deploy the injector head. Everything is stabbed in at arrival, so it is about raising the mast, position the injector, stab in BOP / riser, and you should be ready to go.

CTX 612 Masted Coiled Tubing Unit

Standard Features

 Choice of trailer and truck manufacturer.

  • Spacious Operator Cabin designed to comfortably seat the operator, with excellent overview over the operation through large windows. The cabin can be furnished with conventional controls or Stimline’s XOS operator station.
  • Chain or direct Reel Drive system.
  • Tubing Reel designed for safe storage of tubing from 1-3/4” to 2-7/8”.
  • Level Wind and counter head.
  • PTO driven wet kit contains hydraulic tank with active filtration system and hydraulic pumps for reel drive, mast erection, injector head and other functions.
  • Self-erecting mast up to 75 ft, equipped with guide dolly and optional handling winches.
  • IHX 125 Injector Head with Guide Arch adapted to coil range, or third party injector head.

Choice of Injector Heads

Stimline will happily integrate injector heads from any manufacturer, and make sure they work seamlessly with the rest of the unit. Or if you prefer, check out our IHX-125 injector head which perfectly matches requirements for medium to deep coil operations.

Choice of Controls

Your Coiled Tubing Unit can be furnished with conventional hydraulic or “dry-cab” controls, but we would recommend basing your next coiled tubing unit on the ASX Equipment Automation and XOS Operator Chair to control and monitor the entire coiled tubing system. It is prepared for exchange of data with the optional IDEX system, which enables remote monitoring and control, based on real time decision support from skilled people in the organization, integration of intelligent prediction software, pre-assessment of runs as well as 3rd party software.

 Accessory Options

 CTX 612 can be delivered with the following options:

  • A variety of reel types and reel sizes.
  • Single or dual 110/230VAC generator.
  • Land utility power.
  • Long list of semi / fully automatic conveyance functions that can be implemented in the XOS/ASX control system.
  • Long list of operator safety functions that can be implemented in the XOS/ASX control system.
  • Integrated BOP / Pressure Control Equipment controls / functions
  • Communication system (many options available – from cell to satellite).
  • Low temp kit (makes the unit operational to -37 dC).
  • High temp kit (makes the unit operational to +55 dC).
  • Rig Safe or ATEX approved Zone II version.

Please consult Stimline if there are options / functions that you would like to discuss.